14 July 2012

a380, Another Look

Here's another look at the a380 from my previous post, taken July 8th 2012. Cropped to show better perspective.

Just how big is an a380?

Anyone following my blog the past few weeks can tell that I've become a big fan of Airbus Industries a380. It truly is a beautiful plane to see and seeing it on its final approach is, in my mind, the best free show in all of Los Angeles. Here are a comparison set of photos that I took nearly side by side, minutes apart, to give you an idea of its size. First on the left is an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737. (To give you a good idea of the 737's size, it's the same aircraft that Southwest flies.) The Boeing 737 is no small plane, but it's dwarfed by the a380. I should mention that as you can tell by the tree on the left side of the photo, I was actually a few feet closer to the Boeing 737 than I was to the a380.