14 May 2013

Planespotting 05/13/13

Went planespotting at LAX yesterday. Highlights included a Cathay Pacific Boeing 777, British Airways Boeing 747 (featuring the "One World" livery), a Singapore Airlines Airbus Industries A380, and an Air France Airbus Industries A380. Here's some photos and videos....

Cathay Pacific Boeing 777

Here's Air France Flight AF66 arriving from Paris....

And here's a Singapore Airlines A380.

And a classic, British Airways Boeing 747 with the "One World" livery.  

12 May 2013


Canada Goose
I went out birdwatching at El Dorado Nature Center today. We had a very good day, counted 40 species in all. Here's one of them.

08 May 2013

05 May 2013

Reading Club

Started a Reading Club with my son in February. Every day we read for 30-60 minutes (I set the time). He picks 2 books, then I pick one.... I thought I'd at least point out which books we've finished so far. I'll try to keep a log on here every time we finish a book and start a new one.

Here are the ones we've already read, along with my ratings:

Feb: Prey Michael Crichton (Jeremy's pick) A

Feb-Mar: Terminal Man Michale Crichton (Jeremy's pick) A-

Mar-Apr: The Omnivore's Dilemma Young Reader's Edition Michael Pollan (my pick) A

Apr-May: Jurassic Park Michael Crichton (Jeremy's pick) A

I'm enjoying this thoroughly; I'd like to keep an ongoing tally and see how far we can get. :)